• EMR for Psychiatry

    PatientTrac EMR is a powerful electronic medical records system custom built for Psychiatry and Mental Health. Designed with psychiatric physician panel and enhanced by practice management and billing experts.
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  • Manage your practice

    Multi facility, multi provider scheduler & complete billing system. Streamlined billing cycle with faster reimbursement; professional and institutional claims, 5010 EDI, automated payments posting.
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  • Psychiatric Rating Scales

    Built-in psychiatric rating scales for early detection and clinical determination of the effectiveness of treatment and psychiatric medications. Narrative reporting, flowing EMR notes.
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  • Full line of Hardware

    We offer a unique line of Windows-based desktop PCs, notebook PCs, tablet PCs and network servers to medical facilities. Our hardware delivered with all Windows updates, Microsoft Office, PatientTrac applications & an antivirus.
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  • For Child Patients
  • For Adult Patients
  • For Geriatric Patients
  • Rating Scales
psychiatric-tests-childrenPsychiatric Test for child’s development+

Developmental History

early development, different areas

child-psych-evaluationEffective tools for assessment, diagnosis, formulation & treatment+

Educational materials

for parents and caretakers


EMR Tools for Adult Psychiatry

PatientTrac Electronic Medical records system includes many features for clinical evaluation and data entry including rating scales, questionnaires, and history intake components along with fields chief complaint, Dx etc.                                             Read More

psychiatric-tests-childrenPsychiatric Tests for monitoring of older adults+


early detections with EMR tools

child-psych-evaluationEffective tools for assessment, diagnosis, formulation & treatment+

MMSE helps

with diagnosis of Alzheimer’s


Rating Scales for evidence based medicine

PatientTrac has instant user access to psychiatric test and rating scales in order to provide recognized and accepted scientific tests. PatientTrac currently includes recognized scales for AIM, Depression, Anxiety, Bi-Polar, BPRS, Schizophrenia, ADHD, US Military PTSD Scale, Geriatric Scales and more.     Read More

EMR to Billing Workflow

Just do EMR notes, no separate coding is needed

Each EMR encounter becomes a complete claim with CPT & diagnosis, no separate coding is needed. By the time patient checks out with the superbill the claim is ready to be submitted.
Provider has the power to review and update the coding levels, all within the clinical encounter which is especially important with new CPT codes for psychiatry implemented in 2013.

Precise coding without extra time spent on billing.

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Special Offers

free-tablet-offer Free hardware item or clinical license! +
free-tablet-offer Free tablet PC with a purchase of EMR license! +