Who We Are

PatientTrac Information Technology Corp., is a United States corporation domiciled in the State of Delaware. The PatientTrac software applications have been in live use in the United States since 2003. PatientTrac Information Technology Corporation is the sole owner of PatientTrac Software applications and its products, which include:

  • PatientTrac Electronic Medical Records@, a powerful electronic medical records system for Psychiatry and Mental Health.
  • PatientTrac Practice Management and Billing Suite@, a comprehensive practice management system with electronic insurance billing, automated payment posting, and complete patient accounting and financial reports. Our Financial Suite is a complete Health Information System for the management of a healthcare facility’s revenues AND workflow requirements.
  • PatientTrac Patient Profiler@, a kiosk-based application for patient check-in where patients electronically sign consent forms and compliance forms and have their picture taken. Patient Profiler was one of the first applications to use electronic signatures and capture the patient’s photo, which is then reflected on all PatientTrac software applications.
  • PatientTrac Patient Portal@, a two-way web-based application for patient demographic, clinical and financial data collection, and for providing patients with access to their electronic charts.

PatientTrac EMR is primarily focused on Psychiatry and Mental Health; it is the only system on the market with specific and specialized components for Child Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry and psychiatric rating scales and tests.

How it All Began


Over 7 years ago, PatientTrac Information Technology Corporation and a select group of practicing psychiatrists formed a partnership. PatientTrac EMR for psychiatry is the result of that initial partnership, and we continue to perfect our application, as the new partners who have purchased PatientTrac contribute their valuable knowledge to improve and enhance our EMR system. In this partnership, PITC provides the financing and software development, while the physicians contribute their education, skills and experience. This allowed us to create an EMR designed to:

  • improve patient psychiatric and mental health care
  • improve the quality of life for the physician
  • facilitate a high standard of medical documentation and patient care
  • provide a higher net revenue to the medical practice

Our Mission and Philosophy

PatientTrac is based on the philosophy that the medical professional’s first objective is quality of patient care. From day one, our approach to the EMR market was to create a software application which would provide the healthcare professional with effective healthcare IT tools for documenting patient clinical data, accessing that patient data in real time, and determining diagnosis, treatment protocols and outcomes.

As you will see on our website, over 90% of the design and clinical functionality of our software was developed by practicing psychiatrists, not project managers or software developers.

Over the past seven years, our software has grown exponentially in functionality, and it continues to evolve based on the input and creativity of our physician users.

The PatientTrac difference is defined by our development technique and our ability to provide comprehensive clinical data documentation, while at the same time creating a user-friendly interface which saves time compared to most computer systems. PatientTrac was the first importer of the tablet PC into the United States in early 2002 (e.g. Pace Blade). The PatientTrac software system is ergonomically designed for clinical users, allowing the medical specialist to complete all documentation during a “face to face” visit with the patient.