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EMR for Psychiatry


PatientTrac is designed specifically to meet the clinical documentation needs and standard of care for of practicing psychiatrists and mental health professionals. Unlike other medical record system providers, we don’t “also do psychiatry”; we design every aspect of our user interface and data storage systems with mental health professionals in mind.

For your practice, the advantages of a medical records system that’s custom-built for mental health care providers’ needs include saved time, increased convenience and improved quality of patient care. Our user-friendly interface, comprehensive database design, unique psychiatry components, multi-resource schedule and practice management make the PatientTrac system a great fit for any psychiatric, mental health or substance abuse practice or facility.

Since its original release, PatientTrac has been continuously fine-tuned through feedback from use in live patient environments.

PatientTrac EMR has been helping psychiatrists improve quality of patient care since 2002.

PatientTrac EMR was designed for compatibility with practice management systems. In fact, we currently have interfaces with many current health information systems and practice management software applications, in addition to our own Practice Management system. These interfaces are available in HL-7 or database format, through data pumps or other technology-driven solutions.

PatientTrac EMR is the only system on the market with specific and specialized components for child psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry and psychiatric rating scales and tests.

Quick EMR facts:

ONC-ATCB Certified: Yes, 2011 - 2014 Edition
First version released: June 2002
Configuration:EHR/PM - Fully integrated - Available Individually
Database:Microsoft SQL Server 2005 due to large field capabilities, enhanced encryption, ease of integration with existing Health Information Systems through either datapump or HL7 Interfaces.
Model:Client Server
Both ASP and Client Server
Supported operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
Data input: Handwriting recognition compatibility with stylus or touchscreen.
Price range:Monthly prices range from 300.00 to 1900.00 USD depending on the size of the facility. Combined facility licenses for therapists, nurses. Admin users always free. Assist in financing, low interest rates with 48 month lease, fast approval.

PatientTrac mental health specific product versions are available for:

  • Adult psychiatry
  • Child & adolescent psychiatry
  • Geriatric/nursing and assisted living facilities
  • Substance abuse and treatment facilities
  • Hospital inpatient and intensive outpatient programs
  • Community health centers
  • Institutional psychiatry in prisons and jails
  • United States military assessment and clearance evaluation
  • Telepsychiatry programs for rural mental health facilities

We offer effective tools for patient evaluation in a fast-paced environment. Doctors can increase the quality of medical care by reviewing and documenting patients’ history and current symptoms, as well as by capturing underlying mental health and substance abuse issues with EMR data components, rating scales and psychiatric tests.
PatientTrac delivers psychiatric tests and clinically recognized psychiatric rating scales at the click of a mouse. Among psychiatric health care providers, use of PatientTrac EMR has resulted in a 70 percent increase in use of quantitative measuring tools. This evidence-based approach reduces medical errors, improves accuracy of medical diagnosis, and increases effectiveness of treatment.

PatientTrac EMR features and benefits:

  • Developed for 64-bit and 32-bit systems, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Highly customizable structured clinical note for any CPT, any complexity
  • Narrative reporting, flowing EMR notes
  • Highly customizable medical vocabulary and clinical terms
  • Smooth transition to ICD-10
  • True mobile technology: real-time data replication between computers
  • Built-in psychiatric rating scales and tests; add-on tests upon request
  • Electronic prescriptions and laboratory orders with automated refill requests from pharmacies
  • Comprehensive medical and psychiatric history
  • Clinical opiate withdrawal documentation for substance abuse treatment
  • Detailed forensic psychiatry, including State criminal statutes
  • Military security clearance and evaluation format, including US Government-authorized Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder rating scale
  • Complete management of patient medications; allergy alerts and drug interactions; OBRA titration schedules
  • Patient consents with electronic patient signature
  • Patient photo within the software
  • Detailed child-focused review of systems and developmental history, Alcohol/Substance Abuse Screening Evaluation, and complete mental status examination
  • Entered clinical data is used for subsequent evaluations; see previous encounter at any time
  • Clinical data is accessible for data mining, algorithms, and interface with other systems
  • Outpatient/Inpatient/Nursing/Substance Abuse/Correctional customized workflows
  • Use in office, hospital or nursing home. Internet connection is NOT required to enter data
  • One-click patient and referral letters
  • Use on desktop, tablet PC with stylus, or finger scroll & touch tablet PC
  • Scanned documents easily accessible within EMR
  • Complete HIPPA compliance
  • Rapid development of new components/modules at client’s request

Our experience shows that most physicians prefer a solution that emulates the templates they used in their practice prior to an EMR system—at first. Once they have moved from the template model to an EMR system, their expectations change. They recognize their ability to “drill down” into specific mental health systems, symptoms and treatment plans.

Once they recognize this potential, they demand software that provides them with real-time clinical tools for documentation, but also provides immediate access to testing and screening tools to assist in their decision-making. It is in this second phase of user experience that practicing physicians become frustrated with PatientTrac competitors. They cannot “expand” their clinical documentation expectations after purchasing these systems.

This underscores the importance of “true customization.” Users of competing systems discover that either (1) these systems lack basic tools to provide users with customization features; or (2) these systems cannot be modified without significant development changes. Rebuilding an entire software system for a single user is not feasible, either in terms of time or money. Practices often find that it is more cost-effective simply to replace the system. In fact, more than 30 percent of our sales are replacements for these ineffective software solutions.

If you have previously purchased an EMR/EHR system and are not completely satisfied contact us today for your free demo and see our difference!