EMR Implementation & Training

At PatientTrac, our core philosophy is that “successful EMR implementation is based on preparation, planning and communication,” and our ultimate goal is a long-term client relationship. Over the past 10 years, PatientTrac has created and successfully used our own implementation technique. We send a rapid deployment team to a new client for turn-key hardware installation, network configuration and intensive on-site training for the client’s personnel.
This method creates a working relationship with the client, increases user satisfaction and comfort level with the PatientTrac system, and reduces necessary support time, leading to fewer support tickets in the future. Part of our streamlined support is the PatientTrac automated update application. PatientTrac releases new version of our software to all clients at the same time. This allows clients to maintain an up-to-date version of the software, making the support process fast and effective.

The implementation process includes:

  • Free pre-implementation analysis by skilled IT personnel and customized implementation plan
  • Staff meetings to review current and desired workflows from initial patient contact through discharge and check-out
  • Interfaces with current or previously used practice management or financial software
  • Facility IT infrastructure including internet connectivity, firewalls, networking, computer hardware and VOIP or video conferencing equipment
  • Review current documentation requirements; special configuration of multiple progress notes or clinical data forms
  • EDI enrollment for facilities provided by our clearinghouse partner with a dedicated representative
  • Installation and deployment of the software, network components and computer products necessary for deployment of PatientTrac systems
  • Deployment of PatientTrac systems
  • Special connectivity to inpatient facilities through HL-7 interface for inpatient data
  • Training of administrative and clinical staff, completed on-site with one-on-one training for end users and “training the trainers” for larger organizations
  • Follow-up on-site meetings to review additional user requirements
  • Great communication along the way!

Our difference:

  • No charge for the updates
  • No shipped CDs or downloads from the internet
  • Personalized training on-site at your facility for each staff member
  • No limit on training sessions for existing users
  • Computers and hardware configured before implementation begins – no downtime
  • Interfaces with other systems completed before implementation begins – no downtime
  • Instant support sessions on your computer; no “walk-through troubleshooting” over the phone
  • Secure and reliable network configuration and maintenance
  • Full line of hardware and computers: servers, workstations, tablets and backup systems

What if I have in-house IT personnel?
What if I already have hardware in place?
For these and more questions and solutions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.